Monday, April 4, 2016

ZERO LIQUIDITY: An Idiocracy Never Learns

ZERO Liquidity Visualized:
The last time we saw this was the end of 2015 aka. "bonus rally", followed by vertical descent... 

CNBC: March 4, 2016
Active Fund Managers Just Had Their Worst Quarter EVER
"In 2016, investors have pulled $50.2 billion from equity mutual funds" 

There have been two massive exchange-wide flash crashes since 2009, and countless single stock crashes. Casino volume right now is running one third of 90 day average. Given the absolute total lack of liquidity, Skynet's last resort is to take volume to zero. All of this chicanery went into overdrive with the privatizaton of the major exchanges in the last decade leading to the rise of High Frequency Trading.

Two flash crashes and two parabolic rallies at the pinnacle of a bear market. Nothing to see here, move along...

The "Safe" Dividend ETF:

In 2012, one of the start-up HFT Exchanges, "BATS", listed their own IPO on their platform, but after only 90 seconds of trading the stock collapsed to $0, in the most embarassing IPO in history:

Fast forward, and they are going IPO again this Friday...

Because the House Always Wins. And the Idiocracy never learns. Which is what makes them an Idiocracy...

Nasdaq Holding Company aka. Skynet