Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"When All Else Failed, They Tried Doing The Right Thing"

Ponzi capitalism: Heads I win, tails let's all be socialists instead...

It's amazing how all of the erstwhile apologists for the status quo have joined the "outraged masses" fuming for change. It's unbelievable, the entire country shifted to the left literally overnight. There have been 50 corporate tax inversions in the past decade, while the exact same fucking stooges were in the White House and Congress...

After untold billions in lost tax revenue, the Treasury Department only now clamped down on tax avoidance "inversion schemes". The whole concept is that an extremely large U.S. company buys a much smaller foreign company and then moves its headquarters overseas to dodge U.S. taxes. 

"The biggest corporate deal of 2015 was also, in the view of many, the shadiest: Pfizer’s $160-billion merger with the Irish drug company Allergan. It’s a “tax inversion”—Pfizer will in effect be reconstituting itself as an Irish company, in order to lower its taxes—and that’s why so many people found it so offensive. Hillary Clinton said that ending inversions wasn’t just about fairness but about “patriotism”; Donald Trump called the deal “disgusting.” 

"Meanwhile, the inversion train seems only to be picking up speed. Such deals were once exceedingly rare—according to the Congressional Research Service, there was just one in the nineteen-eighties—but there have been more than fifty in the past decade, most since 2009"

Most occurred under the RepubliCon Manchurian Candidate...Now that he's leaving office he needs to do some window dressing...

ZH: April 5th, 2016

"Allergan is the Number one hedge fund holding"