Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Smell of Fear

The country club is imploding. They know what comes next. 

Nowhere is country club desperation more evident than in China. The *superstar* of Globalization is turning into a steaming pile of farcical shit in real by degenerate Commie Capitalist garbage raised to believe they're superior to everyone else...

"Thursday, the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, released data showing that China’s foreign exchange reserves increased $10.26 billion in March."

China, for more than a half year, has reported reserves higher than expert forecasts. In fact, the report for the last month the PBOC claimed an increase in reserves—October of last year—was particularly surprising. In view of the reported capital outflow that month, it is not clear how Beijing managed to accumulate reserves during the period.

"there are also indications that Beijing is now including assets denominated in renminbi in its foreign exchange reserves."

In other words, printed money is now officially part of China's FX reserves and capital outflow to buy crack shacks in Vancouver, increases foreign exchange reserves. 

Below, China's FX reserves with the Yuan. We are to believe that this trend has now been reversed, and that daily intervention to support the currency is afforded with printed money. Anyone who believes this is FULL IDIOCRACY...

Bitcoin trading volume in China has gone parabolic
This is GLOBAL Bitcoin volume. The Chinese exchanges are roughly 95% of the total...