Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BTFATH: Buy The Fucking All Time High. Nothing To Bail Out

Greedthink: Greedy dunces blowing smoke up each others' asses until they implode with extreme dislocation...

The operating "logic" right now is that global risks are extremely high, therefore, the Fed is on hold, therefore buy stocks at the all time high. 

"weakness in retail sales and international trade, as well as concern about China's economy, are among reasons Fed Chair Janet Yellen will stay cautious about further rate hikes before the second half of the year."

Skydiving without a parachute:
Index put/call:

The tool or the one that follows?

Markets rallied last month after Yellen said the Fed would "proceed cautiously in adjusting policy" 

Still, there is too little evidence the economy is gaining traction, so markets would likely react poorly to a rate hike in the near term

Markets only react well to a poor economy and extreme global risk, not to rate hikes.

"Other People's Money"
Active Manager Equity Exposure

"Why hedge other people's money at an all time high?"
Put volume:

Earnings or Central Banks?