Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Party of One aka. The Last Pump And Dump

Central Banks couldn't create real wealth, so they created a fake wealth delusion instead. Good enough to con stoned zombies watching Faux News, to be sure. The U.S. (S&P 500) is now the only major market above the 200 DMA and near all time highs, solely due to recession stocks...

Faux News: "The Last to KnowTM"

After 2008, Central Banks couldn't fix the global PonziConomy, so instead they inflated one asset bubble after another, to create a "trickle down" fake wealth effect. There was a bubble and bust in every asset class and sector this cycle, but the bubble in U.S. recession stocks will be the last one.

"People's bullshit!!!"

The European Stoxx600 includes 600 companies from 18 European countries, including the UK:

London FTSE:

Japan Nikkei

Shanghai Composite

Hong Kong

Aussie All Ordinaries

Canadian Dow aka. TSX

Emerging Markets "had a great quarter"

World ex-U.S. (correlation to U.S. lower pane):

Berkshire Hathaway aka. U.S. Economy...

Dividend ETF aka. the "safety trade", decade overbought...

The P/E ratio of the "safest stocks"