Thursday, April 21, 2016

Catastrophic Bullshit

The biggest indicator of failed recovery is the most obvious, and hence universally ignored: 0% after seven years...

10 Year / 1 Year Yield:

Global markets are screaming end of cycle:

Global Growth
Global Trade
Corporate Profits
Carry trades
Capacity utilization
Treasury yields
Sector rotation
Credit spreads
Global banks
Retail sales
Industrial production
U.S. GDP (negative ex-deficit)

The Idiocracy doesn't know a dunce when they see one. As far as they know, we're still successfully borrowing our way out of a debt crisis. This fake recovery is even worse than George W. Bush's which had the shelf life of a rotten banana. For their part, EconoDunces know that when this ends, they'll be bagging groceries, if they're lucky. No society can survive the number of serial fucktards that exist today...

Global markets are screaming recession, but deja vu of 2008, EconoDunces are flying blind, reverse engineering the fake unemployment rate to predict the future. In 2008, the exact same low wage temp/part-time/bartending jobs created by George W. Bush dissolved overnight. Seven years of job gains were given back in 12 months. Stay tuned for a repeat performance.

"What do markets know anyway? The cycle can't end until Harvard says it's ending..."

The GWB "Recovery" in low quality jobs, bought with Federal deficits. Sounds vaguely familiar...

Modern "Economics" is a colossal failure as clearly proven in 2008, however, the same dunces who didn't see that collapse in broad daylight, can't see this one. It never occurs to the Idiocracy, that maybe the EconoDunces are the problem.

Implosion sequence: