Friday, March 4, 2016

The Big Lie Is Ending. With A Big Bang.

MW: March 4th, 2016
"Obama: America Is Pretty Darn Great At Creating Jobs"

Shock Doctrine 2.0:
Foodstamps and Employment-Population Rate:

This is what the average American thinks of the Obama recovery:

The reason why Trump is steamrolling all comers is because he tells small lies while they all tell gargantuan lies. He says "We can't continue open trade with China", while they all say (except Sanders), "yes we can". The difference is that the media accepts and propagates the big lies and spends all their time investigating the minutia...

As we see below, don't expect too much "stimulus" until the next President is elected, because that's not how the system works. Recessions are supposed to occur at the beginning of each "business cycle"...and then popularity ratings rise commensurate with the stock market...

Now you know why I don't take sides. Because there is no "side" for the things that really matter:

The "Keynesian" election process:
One thing EconoDunces have in common, is that they all extrapolate their pollyannah "growth" projections indefinitely, conveniently ignoring the business cycle, even though THEY created the cycle in in the first place..."Our fiscal plan assumes we never normalize 0% and never have another recession"

And you can't make this shit up:

"It's the end of the cycle, people are starting to get hired"

Then he shows a fragment of this graph (below), but not the first part, so you can't see where it started back in 2000...

25-54 Employment Rate (red): We're halfway there, if you're blind, stoned, and mathematically illiterate. "Let's see, we had a -6.5% drop in the employment rate from Y2K and we've gained 1.5% back - that's halfway, right? I'm not good with 3rd grade math"

Fed Funds (blue): "Here we see unemployment going down with interest rates. I mean employment. What's the difference?"