Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Isn't A Bear Market. It's A Burial Service.

Super Tuesday just steamrolled weak bears. Stocks moonlaunched into outer space on fake optimism, as "clarity" about the next captain of the Titanic emerges...will it be the Democrats' runner-up from 2008, or Camacho for President? Needless to say the establishment is shitting their pants right now. Every time Larry Summers or some NeoCon jackass (Kristol & Co.) come out against Trump, his ratings go up. Because THEY are the reason this is happening...

Today was one of the S&P's biggest point gains ever
Here are the S&P days with point gains > 40, during past 5 months...

NYSE Momentum with biggest up days marked with down arrows...

Burial service visualized:
Price / volume:

Look at this, and then look up again. Stop me any time...
NYSE Composite


Nasdaq 100:

Russell 2000

Banks with GDP:

Banks with Fed Funds rate

Consumer Staples

Casinos with Consumer Staples

KMB/S&P ratio (Kimberly Clark)

Special K

Emerging Markets

Canadian stocks

Exxon / Energy sector:

Long bond / VIX ratio:

Wilshire / S&P ratio