Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rent-Seekers Have Destroyed Government

The "center" can no longer hold. The status quo is destroying itself. 

Ironically, the politicians themselves, in their role as sock puppets to special interest groups, are the ones destroying the status quo. There are 14,000 special interest groups operating in Washington D.C. They all expect their pound of flesh in exchange for campaign contributions. Nevertheless, the public coffers are empty and there's only so much to go around. It's a zero sum game. 

So the politicians cannibalize the system. They fudge their projections, obfuscate statistics, and otherwise spin the impossible into fake reality. They create the Potemkin Village that is the status quo. They debate the wholly irrelevant premised upon the wholly insolvent. Because that's what they are - empty: ideologically, morally, intellectually.  

Ironically, all economic "systems" - capitalist, socialist, communist collapse for the same reasons - unchecked special interests systematically destroy them.

Politics represents the trading off of special interest favours against an unrepresented public middle class. While the middle class is at work paying the bills, someone is in government fucking them over to pay their bills back to those who funded their campaigns.

The hairless monkeys haven't figured this out yet, but where there's "benefit" there's always "cost", and in "activist" government only one side of the ledger is represented.

John Locke on Social Order:
"According to Locke all legitimate political power derives solely from the consent of the governed to entrust their "lives, liberties, and possessions" to the oversight of the community as a whole, as expressed in the majority of its legislative body"

"When great mistakes are made in the governance of a commonwealth, only rebellion holds any promise of the restoration of fundamental rights. Who is to be the judge of whether or not this has actually occurred? Only the people can decide"

"On Locke's view, then, the possibility of revolution is a permanent feature of any properly-formed civil society."

Today's idiots think there can never be a revolution in America. There's already been one. The laws and the lawyers ARE the status quo.