Tuesday, March 29, 2016

No Bid Casino: 7 Years In The Faking

What a tool believes...
Stocks rallied as usual today because the Fed admitted the economy is weakening...

The circus is ending, soon all of the clowns will have to go home. Fed policy summed up: Strong dollar, weak dollar, strong dollar, weak dollar, strong dollar...or via Zerohedge:

One by one all sources of liquidity have been systematically depleted...

Central Banks
Hedge Funds
Carry Trades
Momentum traders
Rotation to "safety"

Overhead "resistance" visualized:
S&P / NYSE Total Volume

The stocks that always peak last, are peaking last. Shocker...

Medical Supplies

Spices: this is normal, right?



Flight to Safety aka. "Wafer Thin Mint"
Consumer staples with realized volatility...

Overthrow of the overthrow...