Saturday, March 12, 2016

Globalization: Human History's Largest Bubble

People don't see the bubble, because they are the bubble. The bubble manifests itself in all things fake: fake food, fake news, fake leaders, fake education, fake economy, fake stock market, fake wealth, fake culture, fake ideologies, but mostly fake people. A transactional corporate society. Disposable humanity...

ZH: March 12, 2016
Deutsche Bank:
Negative Interest Rates Confirm The Failure of Globalization
I read part of it, but then my eyes glazed over due to pseudo-academic ponzi bullshit aka. artificial intelligence...

Rampant global poverty confirmed the failure of Globalization many years even decades ago. Negative interest rates confirm that banks are fucked company...

Deutsche Bank with Commodities:

Since the 1970 Monsanto "Green Revolution", the human population doubled while the wildlife population was cut in half. A 400% exponential ratio imbalance. It was all a failed corporate experiment in the indefinite "More", conducted on a finite planet. In the process everything got commodified - resources, people, ideas, even corporations themselves ran out of ways to feed the perpetual growth machine. Now corporations are wholly reliant upon the ubiquitous MBA-dunced strategy of the "corporate buyback". Buying back stock to boost earnings per share while revenue and aggregate profits implode. 

Globalization was predicated on the fantasy that it could solve poverty, but instead of making the poor wealthier, it has made the wealthy nations poorer. It has done the exact opposite of what the Ponzi Schemers said it would achieve.

When even imploding Wall Street banks say it's game over, you can assume that it's sudden death double overtime.