Monday, March 21, 2016

Collapse As Usual

In an old age home, what passes for "normal", degenerates every single day you're watching Price is Right, the next day you're shitting your pants watching Price is Right...either way they tell you everything's ok...

1% interest rates
0% interest rates 
Negative interest rates
Printing money to buy stocks
Recovery delayed forever
Stock buybacks to paper over collapsing revenue and profits
Doubling 225 years of debt, in 7 years
Boner pills on every second commercial
Non-stop lying, Faux News, CNN, political circus

When the society itself is collapsing at the same rate as everything around it, then collapse becomes imperceptible...

U.S. stocks with 52 week rate of "change"...

"No one with a load in their pants saw that coming"
Small Cap stocks