Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Casino Is Empty: The Last Pump And Dump

Fracking, revenueless Biotech, Chinese internet, FANG, Profitless IPOs...

"The last time the NYSE encountered a similar drought was during the financial crisis, when there were only two offerings from Aug. 7, 2008, until Feb. 10, 2009."

"There have been no IPOs on the New York Stock Exchange since Dec. 18, when financial technology company Yirendai went public, marking the second-longest drought in the exchange's history"

"You look at the whole stock market, and it's moving back to a more value-oriented [mentality] from a more growth-oriented mentality," 

The Nasdaq is lagging badly. Another generation of gamblers has left the building. We're just waiting for the world's longest short squeeze to end...

SillyCon Valley is fucked company

"We have to go public soon, where's all the dumb money?

IPO Mutual Fund

Small Cap Growth / Value:

The Nasdaq is weaker than 2008 immediately prior to Wave 3...

We've seen this movie before i.e. the entire Nasdaq going unbid...

Nasdaq up volume / NYSE up volume:

S&P / Dow:


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