Monday, March 28, 2016

A Living Wage Is Not "Redistribution". It's "Revenue".

Bailed out greedbots are the biggest critics of a living wage. They've guaranteed that mistake won't be repeated...

It's a measure of the abject depravity of today's Ponzi model that ongoing debt accumulation is considered a more "sustainable" source of revenue than a living wage. Were it not for this society's compulsion to bankrupt all future generations, and bailout failed "capitalists", the current pseudo-economy wouldn't even exist. There's no point in debating the intelligence of current policies, where no intelligence exists in the first place...  

The *free trade* free lunch club is ending, why wait for the riots to write the epitaph? These are all of the things economists will learn after they go bankrupt - which is what they are working on right now.

Critical Elements of A Dynamic Economy:

Supply = Demand
Statute balanced trade (in aggregate). Cyclically balanced budgets (See Switzerland for example). 

Incentive to Work
A national minimum wage that incentivizes production over welfare and/or crime. Preferably a reverse tax (earned income credit). 

Minimal Rent-Seeking
Laws and regulations should be minimal, understandable and enforced. 

Minimal Speculation
Securitization favours speculation over investment. Only a fractional amount of today's trading involves capital funding, the rest is entirely zero sum game speculation. Hot money flowing in and out of global assets at the push of a button creates systemic imbalances. Investment should be encouraged. Gambling discouraged. 

A Stable Money Supply
The interest rate should follow the CPI around like a chimp, which is exactly what the Federal Reserve does anyways - only without the Press conferences and the non-stop bullshit.

A Flat Tax with no exemptions, loopholes, deductions

Abolish the Patent System
Patent rights stifle innovation, generate de facto stagnant monopolies, and otherwise enrich lawyers. In other words patents do the exact opposite of what people think they are doing. Only the lawyers don't admit that China has already violated most U.S. patents anyways. Duh.  

Abolish contingent lawsuits
Private litigation should be settled by binding arbitration not who can afford the most expensive lawyer or obtain the biggest settlement