Monday, February 8, 2016

A Conflict of Dunces. Meltdown Is Inevitable

The global financial system is run by overpaid dunces, who bulldozed their way to the top through greed and dumb luck. Unfortunately, there's a limit to how many dunces the financial system can handle, and we're six standard deviations past that point...

It's been a controlled obliteration so far - selling has been heavy, persistent, but controlled. The Idiocracy is being lowered into the abyss...acceleration will occur from a level that makes the breathlessly awaited 'QE4' totally irrelevant...

A bear market in broad daylight while stunned dunces have their heads shoved up their own asses...

Greedthink visualized: 

European Banks, U.S. Financials, oil stocks, Tech Momentum getting obliterated

Credit Suisse

"Don't worry, any blind man with a conflict of interest can see this isn't a bear market"
Wilshire weekly

WTI back below $30

The Exxon / Energy Sector ratio is going vertical:

The S&P Maginot Line (1880) has been jumped:

Volume is high, selling intensity is low

Yen with S&P:

"Take the pain bitchez, you got this"