Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hindenburg Omen:
Over 100 simultaneous highs and lows with McClellan Oscillator > 0

Wilshire Total Market Index

Wilshire, long-term

The Zuckerberg Omen
Key reversals in Facebook and Google today - opened at highs and closed at the lows...

The Zuckerberg Omen occurs when only two stocks are holding up the entire Nasdaq and one of them is Facebook...

Nasdaq 100 with % of stocks above 200 dma

Ready for the Google ground and pound. Again.

We've seen this movie before, momentum is rolling over...

The selling begins
TRIN: Selling intensity, highest since late December...

The "Rally" got sold on heavy volume
Price / volume:

Oil got shellacked back below $30...

U.S. Oil ETF

The World ex-U.S.