Saturday, February 20, 2016

Appetite For Destruction: "Things Are Out Of Control"

Elliott Wave Is In The House...

Rydex Bull:Bear asset allocation
Shellacking visualized:

One year ago...
"There are times when one must invest other people's money in Imagined Realities, such as Chinese internet stocks, knowing full well it will end badly..."

Rydex daily: Slight disconnect recently...

The S&P /Treasury ratio:

"Who Wants To Be A Central Bank Muppet?"
Central Banks used drip feed levitation to boost asset prices to asinine levels totally unsupported by decaying fundamentals. Now Elliot Wave (Social Mood) will unwind this fiasco. Post haste. One is measured in billions, the other is measured in trillions.

I call this chart, "Bubbles":

I suppose we should add Special K to the list of bubbles, now sporting a P/E of 73. Here is the Kelloggs/S&P ratio. It peaked during the middle of October 2008 i.e. 3,3,3, down.

"What do you mean there's no 'Conomy in CasinoConomy?"