Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Status Quo Is Being Sold For Special Dividends

By the same buffoons who benefit the most from its existence...

When the Dow makes its next and final leg down, there will only be two Presidential Candidates left. The two at war with Wall Street...

I wouldn't wipe my ass on this article, but I thought the cover was telling...Unfortunately, the Establishment can't save the status quo, because they're too busy selling it off for special dividends.

Let's see, is the problem that everything is collapsing, or is the problem that two candidates say everything is collapsing? Uber-dunces want to know... 

"Focused on weakness in China, Europe, and oil prices, market experts are overlooking political worries at home"

Then there were two:

We know greed can't be killing the market. Because greed is "good"
The stock buyback ETF: