Friday, February 12, 2016

The Soylent Green Idiocracy. Questions Nothing.

Servile corporate bitches, right to the very end. They have no answers, because they have no questions...

"God gave the hairless monkeys everything they needed, so they threw it in the landfill. Then, in 1970, a corporation, Monsanto, found a way to double the human population in a mere 40 years. The corporate perpetual growth machine was born. The only downside was that everything and everyone had to be fake after that - a small price to pay for "more". Corporations had twice as many disposable batteries to drain, so they did. The plastic fantastic Borg never once questioned "the system", because they were the system. At one with the machine. The Soylent Green Idiocracy." 

Over the ensuing four decades, the human population doubled, while the wildlife population was cut in half, creating a human:wildlife ratio imbalance of 400% (versus 1970), that was accelerating.

God was not impressed with hairless monkeys playing God, so the monkeys received a long overdue education in humility. Third grade math. And Ponzi schemes.