Friday, February 12, 2016

Slowly At First, Then Everything At The Same Time

Today's pseudo-elites can't admit the problem, because they are the fucking problem. Their Ponzi scheme is collapsing in broad daylight, while they put all effort into pretending it's not happening...

The Old Age home is getting monkey hammered from all angles - Economic stagnation, Ponzi borrowing, bank collapse, oil overflow, refugee overflow, geopolitical tensions, environmental meltdown - They have no solution for any of it.

Their sole economic response for years, now decades, starting in Japan was to apply cyclical policies (Monetary, Fiscal) to deal with structural problems. This has been called the "Keynesian response", unfortunately there's nothing Keynesian about a 35 year trade deficit. All it ever was is Extend and Pretend. Fake it as long as possible. 

"Those who say the American economy is in decline, are peddling fiction"

"We made the quarter"

"An OPEC deal is imminent. I mean now. How about now. Can you hear me now"

"Interest rates have reduced unemployment, it's now a demographic issue"

"The U.S. economy is growing at the fastest pace in a decade"

"We have minimal exposure to China"

"This is not 2008. Much"

The watchword of the day is "Crisis Fatigue". Policy-makers have run out of bad ideas so they just ignore the problems. One would think that their last resort would be honesty, but this corrupt old age home can never be honest, even with its back against the wall.

So, they just face total obliteration with their eyes closed. They would rather pretend it's not happening than to brace for impact. Hillary Clinton is now aligning her campaign with Obama's legacy. Why? Because she's as fake as his recovery, and she is way too out of touch with reality to ever figure it out. Today's elites don't see any problem with .25% interest rates after 7 years, indicating an output gap still at recession wide levels. Quite the opposite, they actually believe that the "policy error" was raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, not lowering them to 0% for seven years straight. In other words, we're surrounded by total fucking dunces. 

One thing we know with certainty is that if the decrepit geezers running this clusterfuck who are aging at the rate of a glazed doughnut can't even acknowledge the problems, then they are wholly incapable of handling what comes next. 

The reason why ISIS doesn't fear our leaders, is because they figured out a long time ago, all our leaders are lying cowards pretending to be something they're not.