Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rapid Price Movement: The Nasdaq's Third Wave Down

Energy sector in bankruptcy, Financials in meltdown, Biotech obliterated, Industrials and Materials bear market, Transports bear market, now the Nasdaq growth stocks which led for seven years straight are getting liquidated. The market is being held up by Frosted Flakes...

Obama's *new* 'Conomy aka. CasinoConomy
"No blind man saw that coming"

The first wave down in the Nasdaq took out all the small caps, the index was saved by the mega-cap momentum stocks "FANG" Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Those stocks are done now too. The Nasdaq was down -20% at the recent lows and FANG is rolling over...

Since December:
Netflix - 35%
Amazon - 28%
Google - 13%
Facebook - 13%

Nasdaq 100 with Nasdaq % of stocks above 200 dma:

The Growth/Value ratio
October 2008 is circled:

Nasdaq with Amazon:
The August Flash Crash was a hiccup for Amazon which peaked in December and is now down -28%...

Amazon 2 year chart: Mind those gaps...


Fadebook: was only up .1% on Friday

Nasdaq 100 / S&P ratio: Peaked in December after 7 straight years of rising: