Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lucky Dunces: Still Extrapolating The Insolvent Status Quo

"Everyone else can get fucked over, but not me"

Today's pseudo-elites and bourgeois yuppies are all lucky dunces. They were born on Third base and have zero clue how they got there. They can't even do third grade math. 

They constantly strive for their perfect world of fat corporate profit margins and jobless consumers. Amazon.com drone-shipping dildos straight to their doorsteps. Their fantasy is already in the latest stages of falling apart in real-time amidst mass shootings, sky-rocketing poverty, ponzi borrowing, money printing and risk market implosion. Unfortunately, arrogance made them too stupid to acknowledge that the end is already here. 

History will not be kind.

In 2012 we had the vulture capitalist RomneyBot, explaining that 47% of (laid off) Americans are free-loaders. Tonight we had Billy Gates on Charlie Rose explaining that the "labor substitution" aspect of robot technology described by Obamanation is coming sooner than anyone expects. Rose is too obsequious to question where Microshaft will get its revenue from when everyone is unemployed. 

Gates himself is too much of a dunce to even ponder the question. Were it not for the biggest business blunder in human history i.e. IBM granting a monopoly to DOS which was bought by Gates, he would be working at Geek Squad at Best Buy...

"Nobody will ever need more than 640KB of memory"

Microsoft has been self-liquidating for fifteen years now, losing half of its value compliments of stock buybacks funded by mass layoffs. 

Microsoft with Fed balance sheet: This can't all end until today's slumdog billunaires realize their wealth is as fake as they are...they're ponzi schemers, they just don't know it. Yet. 

Rule #1: Never extrapolate the impossible. And never assume that everyone else will get fucked over, and you won't...