Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Idiocracy Is Losing Faith In Supply Side Dumbfuck-O-Nomics

"So what you're saying is that Central Banks don't actually help the 'Conomy, but instead merely hold up stock markets while the 'Conomy is outsourced? And it's not a buying opportunity? That's not what I heard"

"Financial markets are signaling that investors have lost faith in central banks’ ability to support the global economy."

Spot the circular Idiocratic logic:
“Over the last few years when we got bad news, equity markets would rally because they would interpret this as potential for central banks to go more dovish,”

Janet Yellen:
"There's a "positive" correlation between Employment and interest rates, meaning they both go down at the same time..."

Global growth (black line) peaked in 2007 and made a retracement high in 2011, since then growth has fallen steadily, despite record easing by Central Banks...

Global growth with commodities (red):

Global Dow (incl. U.S.):

Commodities, C$, EM Currency, EM Debt: