Monday, February 15, 2016

In Central Banks We Trust: "These Go To 11"

Post-9/11 and the DotCom bubble, Greenspan lowered interest rates to 1% which was used to fund Corporate Shock Doctrine, subprime, and the Housing bubble. Once everyone was locked and loaded in Adjustable Rate Mortgages, he raised rates 17 times in a row and obliterated the Middle Class. Wall Street saw it coming and placed massive bets against the middle class which could only be collected when they were bailed out by the middle class which cost 8 million jobs, a doubling in U.S. debt, mass foreclosure, mass bankruptcy, divorce and ruined families. Then they made a comedy about this entire clusterfuck called "The Big Short", which they nominated for Best Picture.

"When you need that little extra push over the edge, where do you go? To 11. Exactly"

After all of that chicanery, deflationary poverty flooded the planet, so this time Central Banks monetized it into 0% to fund more corporate Shock Doctrine, Ghost cities in China, Vancouver crack shacks, London penthouses, European Ponzi bonds, stock buybacks, special dividends, Revenueless Biotech, Worthless IPOs, a 30 year oversupply of oil, and Netflix. 

When it all ended suddenly and unexpectedly, they were shocked and outraged. Because no one saw it coming. If you think they were the dumbest fucking society in human history, you would be polite. 

"Only more cheap money can fix the problems caused by cheap money"

The Jedi Mind Trick for stunned dunces aka. the "secret to effortless wealth"
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Ponzi unwind in broad daylight:
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