Monday, February 22, 2016

Hammered Monkeys: Another Bubble Popped

"What do you mean there's no more dumb money? We have to go public or we're fucked company"

Social Mood is sinking...

ZH: Feb. 22, 2016
The Mood in SillyCon Valley Is Titanic Meets Iceberg

"35 out of 48 Venture-Capital backed IPOs since 2014 are below the IPO price...All except Facebook are below the first day close"

Private valuations just took a -60% haircut:

IPO Mutual Fund. Back in 2008. I mean 2005...


Ferrari: Off to the races...

History's largest IPO: Alibabylon

Since the all time high in the S&P last May, every time Alibaba rolls over, the market rolls over as well. Just something to consider given the slight downtrend...

"But we're decoupled from China, and the rest of the world..."

Price / Volume w/Alibaba:
Liquidity peaked with the Baba IPO, now they go down in lockstep...

All of which confirms the count