Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Generation Madoff Wants A Lesson In Humility

This morning, Fed Chairwoman Yellen said that "market conditions are less supportive of growth", which of course vaulted stocks, because there's nothing quite as bullish as a dissolving economy. But then, as expected the Dollar/Yen rolled over and stocks dutifully followed...Sooner rather than later the idiots at the top will be forced to admit, "Ok, we're idiots, we're just making this shit up". And then the underwear will be mighty stained for the generation that can't stop lying...

"My base assumption is that you are all corrupt morons who won't question anything I say. It's a tradition."

"It's ok for the children to think they have no future, but not us, we've always taken the easy way out. Why change now?"

CNBC Breaking News: "25 year-olds have to stop aging if they want to get a job"
Employment rate (25-54) red line with Fed Funds Rate:

U.S. forward deflation is now beyond Lehman
TIP:USB ratio:

High Yield credit spreads: Beyond Lehman

Investment grade credit: At Lehman lows...