Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Dumb Money Is Trapped. Wall Street Is Imploding

After 2008, the dumb money trusted Wall Street all over again. Now they'll implode together. Occupy Wall Street tried to warn them, but you can't warn an Idiocracy. I've tried...

With four IPOs in 8 weeks, so far, this year's IPO run rate is lower than 2008. There were zero IPOs in January, four in February. Two of the four from February are already trading at a loss

IPOs peaked 18 months ago. 2015 had fewer IPOs than 2013...

2 month moving average:

IPOs with Goldman Sachs:

With the Bank Index:
Moving average not applied - note the spike in mid-2015 to a decade high as Wall Street unloaded the last of its garbage ahead of the market meltdown - same thing happened in 2007...

IPOs confirming the defensive stock ratio

IPOs with S&P Price momentum:

IPOs with Fed Balance Sheet: The dumbest money...

"It's too early to assess the impact of market volatility"

Banks with GDP: "More dopium, please"