Sunday, February 28, 2016

Faux News + South Park = Camacho For President

The party of hate and war is self-destructing. The ultra-corrupt establishment fostered the conditions that made a demagogue inevitable. Now today's elites are in a state of paralyzed shock as their inevitable end-game approaches, because "no one saw this coming..."

When Sarah Palin burst onto the scene in 2008 and garnered a huge Republican base amongst the "Uneducated voters", it was only a matter of time before she made her return, this time as her male alter-ego Donald Trump, who has been endorsed by none other than Sarah Palin...

The RepubliCon establishment, led by Senate Majority leader McConnell have already come out against the potential next leader of their own party, because he stands for everything they're against...

"We don't really believe in Democracy or a fair economy:"

"party leaders are so distraught at the idea of the blustery businessman heading the ticket, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken to advising candidates to keep their distance from Trump."

"McConnell is assuring Senate candidates running for reelection that they should feel free to run ads against Trump if they feel he is hurting their own campaigns."

The RepubliCon establishment has been fostering the "uneducated voter" base for years and decades, while somehow convincing them to vote against their own interests:

To vote for wars that send only THEIR children to do the fighting

To vote for pro-immigration that benefits large corporations, at the expense of skilled trades workers and those at the bottom of the wage scale. Immigration has only ever been about cheaper labor to bolster corporate profit. 

To vote for tax cuts for the ultra wealthy

To vote for *free trade* and the obliteration of the American economy

All part and parcel of the RepubliCon agenda which has systematically impoverished and enraged the "base" of their own party, who've been too brainwashed by Faux News to realize they've been voting for it all along. All because they could never vote for a minimum wage and gay rights. And emails and Benghazi.

Now that monster is off its leash, led by an inevitable demagogue, Donald Trump, who has tapped into a bottomless pit of rage and is now inverting every single Republicon core principle - tax reform (aka. carried interest for Wall Street), immigration reform which will affect every corporation, and trade reform which will belatedly roll back the asinine Walmartization of the country.

The ultra-corrupt RepubliCon establishment hates and fears Donald Trump, because he is inverting all of their self-destructing "core values", by using their own reliable "uneducated base" against them. And yet they are the ones who made this day inevitable. The irony can't be overlooked.

Once Trump beats his own party, then he just has to take on the Goldman Sachs muppet Hillary Clinton. However, if markets go sideways to down sooner rather than later, as I expect, then Bernie Sanders will give him a run for the money.