Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Deutsche Lehman Too Big To Bail

"I'll take a globally coordinated Central Bank policy reversal, with a side of fries"

One bank is demanding a globally coordinated Central Bank intervention that is diametrically opposed to everything they are doing right now. Forty global stock markets are already in bear territory with losses over $8 trillion, but Deutsche Bank wants all existing economic policies reversed on THEIR behalf...

ZH: Feb. 9, 2016
We've seen this movie before...
"don't do these things, and if Deutsche Bank and its $60 trillion in derivatives blow up, it will be on you."

The ensuing Central Bank scheduling clusterfuck:
"I can't make March, how's your April?"

Lehman's stock was at $15 just days before it collapsed...

The primary policy "recommendation" is reversal of strong dollar policy. The strong dollar unwind is already well underway in broad daylight and hammering risk assets every single day

I mean every single night