Friday, February 19, 2016

Corporations Want Fat Profits And Jobless Consumers

"We can't afford decent paying jobs"
"That's ok, we can't afford revenue"

Yes, this is the dumbest fucking society in history...

CT: Dec. 2015
2015 Was the Worst Year for Layoffs Since 2009

The rentier class which lives off the Federal Reserve, and couldn't survive without the Fed and its bailouts, nevertheless blames the Fed for incentivizing stock buybacks and special dividends. "Please stop with the free money already". Without the 2008 bailout, today's corporate rent-seekers would have been already wiped off the map. The middle class wasn't "too big to fail", only the billunaires were too big to fail. 

Corporations create (import) deflation, the Fed creates inflation. This is the part of their jackass narrative that the corrupt dunces always want to forget. Inflation is always and everywhere a Monetary phenomenon, therefore only an output gap can create the conditions (aka. lack of spending power) underlying deflation. The Fed then monetizes deflation into 0% for gambling and dividends. But we need not worry that they acknowledge any of this, only that they don't see it ending. 

Part-time McJobs still at recession levels:

The Fed (red line) are just corporate stooges following capacity utilization lower, and sponsoring the rentier class who live off of everyone else...