Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Is Coming

The Idiocracy has zero survival instinct...

The wildlife population was cut in half since 1970 while the human population doubled. The human race is about to get right-sized back in line with sustainable resources...Malthus was right.

I'm not talking about the apocalypse, I am talking about the end of Globalization. All it would take to reduce the population is a lower birth rate in the Third World, which is inevitable. Globalization is predicated upon limitless growth to support limitless consumption and debt, a corporate fantasy believed by every consumption zombie on the planet. 

I live on the East coast of the U.S. in direct path of the "mega-storm". So I put some water out for the birds and there are about 60 birds in my backyard right now. Why? Because birds are smarter than the Idiocracy. They know what's coming and are preparing in advance.

By contrast stock market futures are "euphoric" because oil is now at $31/barrel. You can't make this shit up. The denialistic Idiocracy never wants to change anything, so they just keep lowering the bar and telling themselves ever larger lies. What would have been deemed an unthinkable price just six months ago, has now sparked a 30 point rally which will have the shelf life of a rotten banana.

"Good news, bankruptcy has been delayed by a few hours"

S&P Futures: One month view...

Baltic Dry Index aka. "Global Trade"

"Maintain Status QuoTM"
For those who want to be the last to know, there's Faux News...