Monday, January 4, 2016

Apologists for Exploitation aka. The Status Quo

Globalization is in full meltdown in broad daylight, yet today's apologists for the status quo still can't admit that their beloved modern day slave trade is ending...

China can't compete at $.80 per hour so they debase their currency on a daily basis now. In other words, the poster child for Globalization's "success" is now exporting poverty (aka. deflation) at an uncontrolled rate. Globalization's race to the bottom is ending up deep underground via LIVE BURIAL.

Globalization's wealth is as fake as the people who believe in it...not even 4,000 people dying per day in China of pollution could deter today's robber barons from extolling the benefits of Ponzi Capitalism. In the end, China will have thousands of empty factories, ghost cities, a blighted landscape, and trillions in worthless IOUs.

Meanwhile, joblesss consumers in the "wealthy nations" will have cheap junk at Walmart, and zero income. Billunaires will enjoy 100% ownership of worthless stocks. 

The apologists for the status quo won't survive what happens after that...