Saturday, January 30, 2016

Because "More" Was Never Enough

Human history's biggest circle jerk is ending. Don't tell anyone, it's a secret. 

Demographics are the reason why the Titanic is heading straight to the bottom by the fastest way possible...

"Full steam ahead"

The reason why nothing ever changes, even while game show hosts talk constantly, is primarily due to demographics. We live in an old age home, where NOTHING is allowed to change that could affect the almighty Dow casino...

In this aging society the largest voting bloc has a preference for capital gains over wage income; Therefore, they cheer every time a bad jobs report signals more Fed easing, and then they buy more Facebook. They have zero incentive to "fix" the status quo. Why? Because their time preference is "NOW", and therefore the children and grandchildren went under the bus a long time ago. It's the same in every other developed nation, even more so in Japan which is the poster child for a failed society. 

Now, the geriatrics have the circus to amuse and delight. In total, there will be 12 Republican debates - one per month through December 2015, two in January, three in February, two in March. It is Roman spectacle on steroids. Nothing gets resolved, nothing new comes to light, it's just circus clowns eviscerating one another in front of a geriatric Idiocracy.

The real problem is not the clowns in the circus, it's the clowns watching the circus...

On the Democratic side, it's much the same, only with far fewer candidates. Young people overwhelmingly favour Bernie Sanders, because they haven't been adequately brainwashed to believe that "Socialism" is a bad word. Or maybe it's because they view Central Bank QE and Lockheed Martin "Keynesianism" to be the ultimate forms of corrupt "Socialism" for the rich. Versus what I call "anti-riot" insurance aka. foodstamps for the outsourced masses. 

Trump and Sanders are the only two candidates who admit that the status quo is fucked up beyond all recognition. And they're the only ones who don't recommend rearranging the deck chairs for another four years. Obama-style. Which is why the establishment is shitting bricks right now.  

Nevertheless, until the economic reset monkey hammers the old age home into fucking oblivion, NOTHING will change regardless of who is in office. And when the day of reset is already arriving albeit wholly "unexpectedly", those who say that Socialism is just redistributing wealth from one person to another, need not worry. because there won't be any fake wealth to "redistribute".