Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Oil volatility is spiking as WTI breaks below $27 to the lowest level in 12 years...

Volatility (red) is real-time, the price (black) is yesterday's close:

Stock volatility is rising, but not spiking. Another gap down "dip" is getting bought...

"Who will tell me when to sell? I want to be the first one out this time"

Russell 2000: Beyond asinine

CasinoConomy is adjusting into pavement...

Junk bonds with S&P:

Global Dow: "QE4 will fix this"

Nasdaq highs-lows:
2 week moving average

TRIN is complacent:

Skynet is full throttle: mega-caps only need apply...
Equal weight / cap weight ratio:

The Russell / Dow ratio bottoms before the market. Meaning the selling in large caps hasn't really started. Yet...

The selling is steady and relentless
Down volume / total volume:

"Don't worry, it's only an adjustment"