Sunday, January 31, 2016

Social Mood Versus Skynet

Big Cap Tech is going late stage parabolic. Now we're going to find out how Skynet likes taking down all of the mega-caps at the same time...

These are the top ten U.S. stocks by market cap ($millions):
Data from:

Apple -27% 551,787 
Google -5% 502,995 
Microsoft -4% 424,238 
Exxon -22% 329,371 
Berkshire -16% 315,866 
GE -8% 293,774 
Facebook +1% 278,189 
Amazon -16% 277,975 
Johnson & Johnson  -2% 273,623 
Wells Fargo -14% 258,659 

Weighted by market cap, these stocks are down -12%, but the S&P is down -9%, so clearly Skynet is working its magic on select corners of the market such as Telecom, Utilities etc. 

Nevertheless, only half of these stocks are outperforming the S&P, and those are the ones we're going to look at...

Google long-term:
First wave down is complete

Google short-term
Second wave is wrapping up...

MonopolySoft Long-term:
"It peaked twice with the market. That's so fucking bullish"

When in doubt, Skynet's go-to Tech Moonshot...

MonopolySoft short-term: Mind the gap...


The last two times Fadebook gapped up coincided with peaks in the market. I'm sure it will be different this time...

"Quick, global markets are collapsing, grab some Facebook..."

GE looks like the S&P, so I'll skip that one...

Johnson & Johnson
I used to say, JnJ always peaks last...I probably shouldn't have stopped...

JNJ ratio of S&P: