Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Send In The Clowns: Globalization Is Getting Right-Sized

Don't tell the clowns running the circus, they're going to get right-sized too. The Idiocracy's definition of success, is now failure...

Everything was going great for twice-elected Bush, until the last year of his Presidency when it all collapsed like a cheap years of hubristic bullshit were rolled back in a handful of weeks...

Bush was a failure

Obama is a failure

Reaganomics is a failure

Faux News is a failure

Wall Street is a failure

Harvard is a failure

Exceptional Neocons are a failure

Modern business aka. "the estate sale" is a failure

Monetary policy is a failure

"Keynesian" bombing of foreigners is a failure

The "Circus" is a failure

Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam. Failure. 

The Walmart pseudo-economy is a failure

Frankenfood is a failure

The healthcare cartel is a failure

The post-secondary "education" cartel is a failure

The iPhone Idiocracy is a failure

Denialistic delusion is a failure

The Ayn Rand Anti-Christ society is a failure

It's all going to get right-sized at the exact same time.

This time there will be no do over. We had 8 years of warning, and we're not owed any more than that. 

The Smith & Wesson indicator tells us the circus is ending: