Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Disintegration In Broad Daylight

Big Cap Tech, Oil, Yen carry, are all rolling (rolled) over hard. Deja Vu of August...

Archaeologists will say that Globalization didn't so much collapse as it disintegrated in broad daylight, during seven seasons of the Kardashians...


% of S&P above 200 dma (40%):

Nasdaq 100 with Nasdaq Internals:
Only 29% of the Nasdaq is above its 200 dma:

NYSE Composite with % of stocks above 200 dma:

World ex-U.S. with Commodities

EM Currency and EM Debt

Aussie / Yen:

Oil with volatility 

Oil with commodities: Oil just backtested the 2009 support line, and failed...

World's largest stock by market cap: