Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Globalization: Musical Chairs For Corporate Dunces

All because, "It can't happen to me". Yes it is.

We are led by sophisticated con men. They can't solve the problems, because they are the problem - mental midgets standing on the shoulders of giants. Rent-seekers, money printers, and Ponzi schemers all...

It's hard to get an answer in an Idiocracy that never asks a relevant question beyond how do we fix the status quo, for the benefit of the country club...

Today's technology reach exceeds the human grasp. Smartphones are turning people into "know everything, know nothing" idiots. Zombies incapable of engaging in meaningful social interaction lasting longer than 5 seconds, having knowledge that's a mile wide and an inch deep. Of course, it started with the television, which was referred to as the "boob tube", "idiot box" and "opiate of the masses" almost from original inception; immediately supplanting books and newspapers as the preferred source of "information". All of which inevitably dumbed down to today's de facto Idiocracy, micro-blogging on Twitter in semi-literate 140 character streams of semi-lucid gibberish...

Forty five years ago, the Saturn V launch vehicle propelled 6 million pounds of rocket and payload into orbit then on to the moon and back at 15 times the speed of a bullet.

Fast forward and today there is no manned space program, so instead, modern technology "giants" breathlessly await iPhone 7 to power a faster version of Angry Birds. Holy fuck. We're already going backwards. 

When the Roman Empire with its aqueducts, architecture, meticulous records, and borrowed culture collapsed, the world fell into the Dark Ages. For a reason. Because the "sophistication" of society had far exceeded the grasp of the average person. Barbarians had long before observed decadence and were systematically probing for weakness, taking turns sacking the empire until it collapsed. Huns, Goths, Visigoths, Vandals. Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS. 

It's Showtime aka. Election 2016:

Today, technology funded with Globalized poverty, is leading to rampant unemployment on the way to full unemployment. A deflationary death spiral, the theme of this blog. One doesn't have to be a luddite to see where this is all heading. Young people using sophisticated Smartphones today couldn't program a VCR or rebuild a V8 if their lives depended on it. They are mental midgets standing on the shoulders of giants, with a long way to fall.  

Human beings are going back to the running game. The basics. Grow things, make things, trade things, fix things, re-use things. Everything else is a derivative. 

There's no free lunch at Walmart. And robots don't need Nike footwear marked up 10x.