Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yuppy Days Are Ending: What Comes Around Goes Around

The cycle of self-bankrupting dumbfucks:

The days of over-educated dumbfucks spending their days figuring out how many jobs need to be outsourced to make the quarter, are ending.

The yuppy-class views the working class as disposable slaves who should shut the fuck up and accept their ever-lower pay or face automation at 0%.

The yuppy days are coming to their "unforeseen" hence unavoidably cataclysmic ending, attended by mass yuppy bankruptcy. Right now, they're putting the finishing touches on putting themselves out of work, they just haven't figured it out yet.  

And then, they'll come to the long overdue realization, "it can happen to me".

The days of worshipping the Anti-Christ are ending. Those who don't believe it, are the problem that's going to get solved, amid a loud flushing sound.

The sad historical experiment in junk philosophy is ending.