Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buy The Fucking All Time Lie

"At the end, desperate gamblers prayed for a weak economy and loaded up on Amazon"

As I write, shorts are covering because Janet Yellen said they may not cut rates if the economy is weak enough. You can't make this shit up... 

And oil is getting shellacked on news that the Saudis don't support a production cut. Shocker.

This is the indicator referred to in the article, except they don't use a moving average...

NYSE Highs - Lows: 10 day moving average:

Leave aside that the average NYSE stock is falling apart...

Large investors are liquidating
Up volume / total volume:

Out-of-the-money bets on a crash are still at all time high (50 day moving average)
CBOE option skew:

The Zuckerberg Omen...

New Nasdaq highs (5 day moving average)

The rest of the world is a disaster wanting to happen:

Junk at the precipice:

Leveraged loans in collapse mode:

Emerging Market debt and currencies:

The S&P average stock: "Ready to bust out"

The Amazon, Walmart full-asinine indicator: