Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Politics: The Lying Game

Obama's legacy is seven years of fake hope and change, ending in "unforeseen" collapse

"In the end, the choice was between game show hosts and circus clowns..."

Trump is like a random number generator - he lands on the truth about half the time. The other half of the time he insults everyone he can find. His advantage is that all of the other candidates (ex-Sanders, Rand Paul) lie all the time. Now he literally just insulted the leader of Germany (Chancellor Merkel). Time's Person of the Year. Merkel is very well fucking up Germany and the rest of Europe, with her experiment in importing Syria to Europe, but it's verboten to say it. The political establishment will now hack him to pieces from all sides. Barring a revolution he will never be President, meaning it's still very possible...

Issuing grammatically-riddled insults to heads of state, on Twitter. Top notch:

Dictator quite possibly. RepubliCon President highly unlikely.