Monday, December 21, 2015

'Tis The Season For Full Bankruptcy...In Jesus' Name. Amen.

The fate of the consumption zombies and the self-bankrupting corporations are bound together. One and the same...

It's sadly fitting that a religious holiday intended to celebrate generosity and altruism towards others was hijacked by corporations to instead become an excuse for the year's largest consumption binge. Like everything else in the Idiocracy, the holiday now represents the exact opposite of what was intended...

"We only had forty years' notice"

The collapse of Globalization will be a once in human history event. No one can put humpty dumpty together again. Therefore, I am constantly amazed by people talking about the various proximate and secondary causes of this fiasco, while assiduously ignoring the fundamental root cause of it all. There will be no do over. The Titanic will not be raised from the bottom and placed back into service. 

The consumption oriented lifestyle was put on notice decades ago. Only asinine levels of debt accumulation and Third World enslavement has allowed it to last this long. Since 1970, the human population has doubled while the wildlife population was cut in half. Commodity resources have been depleted on a similar scale. Therefore the ratio of humans to resources, grew by a factor of 400%, at an ever-more exponential rate. Parabolic.

Red alert: China's $.80/hr minimum wage can't compete with the other Asian sweatshops, so they are now debasing their currency on a daily basis. 

Environmental degradation, human trafficking, mass poverty, lethal pollution, ghost cities, jobless consumers, low prices at Walmart, all ending with mass bankruptcy. Proof for today's Idiocracy that "Globalization is working..."

This entire Ponzi scheme is running into the brick wall of Third Grade math. No surprise, today's degenerate country club is desperately casting about for proximate scapegoats -  blaming the symptoms while assiduously ignoring the root cause...Corporations import deflation (poverty) and Central Banks turn it into 0% for self-bankruptcy. Lockheed Martin "Keynesians" paper over chasmic trade deficits with ever-more debt. All of which is second derivative. 

It's the insolvent consumption zombies who are going away, and they will take the insolvent corporations with them. Those who don't believe it, are along for the ride...