Saturday, December 12, 2015

Denialism: The Problem That Fixes Itself

Let's see, a comedy about Wall Street ass raping the middle class, and a fake climate agreement. Quite a week for cynical denialism.  

Suffice to say, the Idiocracy is literally pleading to get monkey hammered by their own cynicism...

Infantile and irresponsible societies run by circus clowns get buried. The burial is already underway, they just have no fucking of the major drawbacks of denialism is that you're always the last to know...

Dec. 12, 2015

Another climate summit sponsored by Exxon Mobil just ended. The terms were already broken before the champagne went flat. 

We live in an infantile and denialistic society that has monetized its future down to now. Negative interest rates means that countries are paying their citizens to consume the future. Denialism is abdication of responsibility, first towards others but ultimately towards oneself. It's the continual "consumer preference" for now over the future.

Unfortunately, when a society always chooses "now" over the future, then there is no future. And that void future has a way of arriving sooner than any denialistic tool can possibly imagine, especially since denial mode began years and even decades ago. 

Denialism is the choice not to see the ending coming. And this consumption-addicted society made that choice a long time ago, now they're just blowing smoke up each others' asses non-stop.

Even at this latest juncture, featuring oil at $35/barrel they have no collective acknowledgement that trillions of dollars of fossil fuel exploration money just evaporated in the past week alone, let alone the past year. 

In other words we're a hell of a lot closer to a carbon solution than these tools even comprehend - and when it arrives, we can be 100% certain, they're not going to like the solution that reality came up with.

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Oil broke the 2009 lows this week. I see oil at $10 or lower, sooner rather than later:

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