Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Terminal Idiocracy: "What The Fuck Were They Thinking?"

There was a brief time at the top of the arc of the Idiocracy when I started to feel insane. And then I realized we live in an insane asylum which is run by the biggest psychopaths on the planet

The American Dream has morphed into the American manic self-delusion, and it's global.

Arc of the Idiocracy visualized aka. printing money as the secret to effortless wealth...

S&P average stock:

Equal weight S&P (red) with cap weighted (black):

World ex-U.S.:

Emerging Markets with oil stocks:

Treasury:Junk bond (price) ratio:

U.S. deflation rate (red) with 1 Year Treasury yields (black) (log scale):
Beyond asinine...

S&P % of stocks above 200 day moving average:

Transports (monthly): The blue vertical line shows the last time momentum (MACD) was this bad...

Russell 2000 small cap: Below where it was two years ago...

Price / volume 


Leveraged loans

NYSE Composite with internals:

Amazon versus Macy's 
aka. "What the fuck were they thinking?"

The exits from the hotel Californication are almost closed...

Risk is binary