Sunday, December 20, 2015

Conned By Corrupt Dunces. AGAIN.

The definition of an Idiocracy is a society that never learns, and that trusts the same serial psychopaths over and over again. At some point, people have to look in the fucking mirror and realize they're the problem. The liars have 11% approval, but the lies are obligatory. The circus exists for their entertainment...

"Jobless Consumer" sentiment with the imaginary economy:

To someone who just fell off the turnip truck, this must all seem very exciting - getting ass raped by Wall Street for the very first time. The cherry is broken. 

Personally, going through this for the third time, I'm sick of being conned by the biggest dumbest sociopaths in human history. My lesson came in 2000. So following that binary fiasco, when the psychopaths took interest rates down to 1% post 9-11 and called them "Patriot loans" to launch the housing bubble "recovery", I was disgusted. Entire families were obliterated to fund Wall Street's "Big Short", which is now an Idiocratic "comedy" in theaters near you. 

I thought Lehman surely had to be the end of the chicanery. But in 2008, stoned zombies saw their consumption-oriented lifestyle flash before their eyes, so they sold their soul to Bernankenstein at 0%.

Now for 7 years straight, reality has been hunting down the Idiocracy like Louis Cypher in Angel Heart. Reminding them one asset class at a time, of the price they paid to monetize the future. 0% is a Faustian Bargain - poverty capital with a redemption value of $Everything. 

Granted, financial security will come and go, and most of what is "needed" will be easily tradeable or purchased for pennies on the dollar when human history's largest flea market gets underway: The inevitable puking out of decades of accumulated junk no one really needed in the first place. 

But mental and physical resilience are a whole other story. It's priceless. And those who haven't been accumulating it, are not going to last very long.