Friday, December 11, 2015

"Everyone" Believed In The Jobless Consumer. And The Sasquatch

The existence of the "jobless consumer" is the fundamental assumption of Supply-Side PonziNomics, as taught by the biggest fucking dunces in human history...

"At the end, Wall Street and the buy-and-hold zombies took refuge in 1,000 P/E internet stocks, while the outsourced economy imploded. They had no skills in building an economy, only selling one. Nevertheless they were shocked and outraged that their heads were lodged in their own asses..."

"It was a head-in-ass Black Swan event. The hardest to predict"

This just in:

Jobless Consumers are confident they can bankrupt themselves...

The Idiocracy's Learning Channel:
"Learning, is a detail to be outsourced to PhD serial psychopaths..."