Thursday, November 12, 2015

Uncreative Destruction aka. Terminal Idiocracy

Today's Mad Men think that "capitalism" is purely a matter of selling branded imported junk marked up 10x with a fucking logo. Making things is purely a detail to be outsourced. We are witnessing the destruction of the economy by "capitalists" who've never created anything in their entire lives...

Our bodies are constantly regenerating at the cellular level in response to various stressors and the aging process. Similarly, the economy is constantly destroying obsolete and uncompetitive businesses and creating new ones aka. "Creative destruction". As long as the process of destruction is at a controlled rate, the outcome is a healthier cellular structure and economy. Of course, if the process of destruction gets out of control or accelerates, then the reconstruction process falls behind and can no longer repair the damage wrought by the catabolic process, leading to an event known as "death". The entire premise of Globalization was that developing countries would take over the less complex jobs and industries while developed nations would invent new ones.

But instead, now we make cappuccinos, while they make everything else, which corporations sell marked up 10x. A temporary arbitrage brokered by debt. 

In other words, today's "capitalists" sold capitalism because they were too fucking lazy and greedy to actually create anything. Special dividends crowded out investment, because they were easily financed with leveraged poverty capital - Bernankenstein's "global savings glut" aka. child sweatshops. 

History will not be kind.