Friday, November 20, 2015

Good News: "Today Was The Last Day To Worry"

So if you lose everything, don't worry about it...

The Zuckerberg Omen just triggered:
There are now only two stocks holding up the Nasdaq, and one of them is not Facebook...

Hindenburg Omen triggered today:
McClellan Oscillator Positive and greater than 2% New Highs and New lows...

NYSE momentum (red) aka. McClellan Oscillator also shown in the upper pane of the chart above:

The Nasdaq Count:
"if not for Amazon and Alphabet (Google), the outperforming Nasdaq 100 would actually be down on the year."

In other words, the Nasdaq is positive on the year, because Google was renamed 'Alphabet', so Etraders went full retard buying the *new* stock. You can't possibly make this shit up...

+23% gain since the name change:

Value Line aka. Average stock:

"Best week of the year"
Which year?

"Collapse as usual"
Copper with global growth rate...

Leveraged loans in liquidation mode:

"Where is Zuck?"
Cute kid