Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Ungrateful Dead

Thanksgiving and Christmas have been hijacked by corporations - for fun and profit...

Happiness is a function of being grateful, not being in a perpetual state of consumer dissatisfaction. Three bubbles in a row have monkey hammered the mindless consumption zombies. The wholly denatured corporate consumption-oriented rat race systematically destroys the nervous system and immune system. It leaves people burned out shells physically, mentally, and spiritually. Which is what we've become - a society of the walking dead...

The level of complacency towards extreme risk has grown throughout this entire era, because the zombies are burned out from incessant worry. Worry about the economy, their jobs, and the inconvenient future. Denial is a late stage survival reflex to conserve what little sanity and health they have left. The corporate way of life exposes us to constant low intensity stress that systematically wears out the immune system and nervous system.

Our nervous system's flight/fight response was designed to deal with high intensity infrequent stress, not relentless worry, angst and anxiety. I burned out in my late '20s and it took over a decade to restore my health via meditation, supplementation, and lifestyle change. I realized the hard way, that the competitive lifestyle will kill you if it's pursued long enough. And now we see what it has created - a society of burned out zombies. Barely able to attend soccer tournaments and keep an eye out for ISIS.

Burned out on their rat race to nowhere.

The zombies have ZERO survival instinct, because they can't handle the truth, literally.