Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sheeple Have Been Fleeced

"By the time the major averages collapsed, the sheeple had already been fleeced..."

The major averages - flat year over year - are concealing major pain. No one says anything, out of pride - and because they don't want the rest of Wall Street to liquidate their positions...

But first, Fed policy by Police Squad:

One of these is not like the others...Red line is the Treasury Yield curve (2Y - 30Y). Black line is Fed Funds rate...

CPI (RED, left scale) with Fed Funds rate:
"Inflation is anchored to 2% .12%"

Private equity is a canary in the coal mine
How about that flash crash? The stock delayed open on August 24th, while the NYSE specialist excuted orders 50% below the prior close...

“The specialist in KKR stole money from investors...he needs to give it back” 


Kinder Morgan - Pipelines

Permian Basin Trust: Oil & Gas Limited Partnership

Ferrari IPO (October 21st):
Priced on October 21st at $52 for Wall Street, traded up to $61 on first day, now at $46...

An August IPO having lost its "sponsorship"

Chinese small cap stocks: Rolling over again...


Revenue-less Biotech

Canadian stocks

Apple is ready for another leg down

One down, eight to go: Priceline is done

Macy's: Doh!
Black Friday was a bust...good luck tomorrow...

"At the end they hid in Amazon, the least-profitable retailer aka. no profit"...